понеделник, 25 юли 2016 г.

Do you remember our last night of love? It seems like it was yesterday that we had the final nights, you looked me in the eyes and you smiled at me. I get it now, you knew that was this one last night togheter.
Maybe I knew it, maybe I was afraid to face the truth.
Our last night was a lie
One last night of love, one last lie to put in our memories, our bodies didn’t make love like they used to. You left. I let the door open and you run away. The window is still open for you to come back, I let it open to invade my perfect wolrd with your madness.
My pillow still has your smell in it, your skin is still in my fingers, your sweet touch is still running thru my hair. The ashtray still has your last cigar, you left it unfinished like our love.
The messages stopped, the night belongs to sleep again. Our bed is a big nothing with me in between. In your manly manner you left a note saying: “ See you tonight, my love!”, I put it on fire, just like you put my heart.
Our last night was a dream, a nightmare, a old book with pages missing. Final nights are for lovers, our love was war.
Last bottle of your expensive wine, I drinked it, I didn’t throw it away….i drinked it using two glasses. Wine is my new lover, I drink to celebrate me…I am drinking with someone else these days, our love is gone …still one question: Do you remember our last bottle of wine?

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